Marc Mousseau – Business Turnaround & Real Estate Development

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Marc Mousseau

Marc Mousseau – Business Turnaround & Real Estate Development

Mr. Mousseau is a multi-faceted, entrepreneurial businessman with over 30 years of experience in Business Transformation & Real Estate Investment, Development, Management and Sales; who embodies the motto, “Live With Ultimate Passion”

Some of his notable achievements include:

  • Started & grew a Property Management Co. from zero to 1,100 units in less than 2 years.
  • Simultaneously qualified to be a Real Estate Broker, and created a High-Performance Team that sold 800+ condos in less than 3 yrs
  • Developed Real Estate Acquisition Program for a new Property Management Co. to acquire 35,000 units in less then 6 years.
  • Created & nurtured the downline of a multi-level company (Excell Telecom), going from a basic Rep. to Sr. Exec. VP with nearly 2,000 reps under him.
  • Startup & Mega-growth: Took a national Training Co. with no income, bad reputation, bad trainers, to $10 Million p.a. in sales in less then 3 years.
  • Business Turnaround: Created positive cashflow within 24 months with business turnaround of a 25-year old winery that was losing a Million Dollars p.a. when he took over.
  • Started first business from scratch, achieved Exit in just 2.5 yrs via sale to a subsidiary of 3M
  • Built a Flight School, grew it from 1 aircraft to 7 in just 5+ years. Instrumental in sale of Co. to one of the founders of a major airline company.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Mousseau’s motto has been “Live With Ultimate Passion”.

He says, “It sounds simple, yet so few businesses and sales professionals truly recognize the power of passion.”

He has built many successful companies from the ground up, turned failing companies to profitable, and re-energized sales team – all by creating a contagion of passion.

As long as he can remember, his entrepreneurial mindset has allowed him to see opportunities where others might only see challenges.

He has a knack for quickly wading through complexities, creating a compelling vision of the future and inspiring others towards a shared passion of achievement.

Being acutely result-driven, Mr. Mousseau feels passionately about creating high-velocity impact; and to this end, he has created rapid sales growth for his clients, regardless of industry.

As a sales leader, he coaches teams to leverage their own passion to build high-trust relationships with clients and negotiate winning solutions; and does this by empowering sales teams – by giving them a strong sense of purpose, clearing unnecessary barriers and rewarding them well.

Should you wish to explore how Mr. Mousseau might add value to your organisation also, he can be reached at, or

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