Vision Statement


Vision Statement

Built on experience, knowledge and vision!

Project Bridgeport is an Exciting, Rapid-Deploying, Community-Centred, Eco-Positive, Modular Real Estate Development of 5770 units across 838 dwellings and 5 Product-Types to serve specific demographics, with a completion value of $1.023 Billion, and which puts Lake Charles & SW Louisiana on the world-map for Housing Innovation and Emergency-Response-Ready-Housing.

Being Highly Profitable for Financiers, Development Partners and with excellent Equity for End-Buyers

BPD is focussed on results in its two main arms, viz. (1) Finance-arm, and (2) Real Estate-arm

  1. Finance-arm: The finance-arm will serve as a conduit for financing both in-house funding requirements (item #2 below), as well as selected outside projects. BPD is now geared to raise several tens millions of dollars from investors in multiple currencies that will be hedged and deployed towards multiple projects, both in-house and selected outside projects
    • Sources of capital: From institutional and individual investors; and from private placements in the US, Canada and overseas
    • Currencies: Including, but not limited to CAD, USD, GBP, EUR, INR, amongst others
    • Uses of capital: For hedging, and for deployment towards in-house Real Estate Acquisition & Development; and to provide financing to carefully-vetted external projects not limited to real estate.
  2. Real Estate arm – Exponential Real-Estate Acquisition & Development: BPD’s Leadership is building an Exponential Organisation (EXO) by orchestrating cutting-edge developments in Construction, Manufacturing, Agile Implementations, Supply Chain Mgmt., Green Tech, to tackle the Affordable Housing Crisis, & Enviro Crisis

Business Mission: “From Raw Land to Thriving Community in 12 ‘impossible‘​ months”​

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